Displays a logotype. If it is missing it may be replaced with a placeholder. Alt and captions can be added.


This is a logotype

<!-- logotype.blade.php -->
<figure id="61efbd4a8bf61" class="c-logotype ripple ripple--before" data-uid="61efbd4a8bf5a">
            <img src="/assets/img/logotype.svg" alt="This is a logotype" class="c-logotype__image" />
    'src'=> "/assets/img/logotype.svg",
    'alt' => "This is a logotype"

Blade component parameters

Key Default value Type Available values Description
src false boolean - A image source
alt string - Alt text for the image
caption string - A label below the logotype. eg company name
title string - A title (not displayed)
placeholderText Image missing string - What to show if an invalid url is entered.
hasRipple true boolean - Enable / disable ripple fx
id string - The DOM id of the component.
classList [] array - Array containing wrapping classes array
attributeList [] array - Array containing keys and values rendered as attributes
containerAware false boolean true/false Makes the component container aware. Appends modifiers --size--xs/sm/md/lg to the component.
Settings location: /mnt/persist/www/docroot_styleguide_v2/source/library/source/php/Component/Logotype/logotype.json