Basic Text Area

<!-- textarea.blade.php (DEPRECATED IN FAVOR OF FIELD COMPONENT) -->
<!-- field.blade.php -->
<div class="c-field c-field--text c-field--md c-field--radius-md c-field--md c-field--radius-md" id="62becfc63df01">
            <label class="c-field__label" for="input_62becfc63df01" id="label_62becfc63df01">
            Normal text field
    <div class="c-field__inner c-field__inner--text">
                    <textarea id="input_62becfc63df01"
                rows="5" type="textarea" name="ImaTextarea" aria-multiline="true" aria-labelledby="label_62becfc63df01" data-uid="62becfc63e166"

            <i class="c-icon c-field__suffix material-icons c-field__error-icon" translate="no" role="img">error_outline</i>
    'type' => 'text',
    'attributeList' => [
        'type' => 'textarea',
        'name' => 'ImaTextarea',
    'label' => "Normal text field"

Blade component parameters

Key Default value Type Available values Description
label string - Array of label items like labelText.
required false boolean - HTML5 validation on fields
value string - Field value
id string - The DOM id of the component.
classList [] array - Array containing wrapping classes array
attributeList [] array - Array containing keys and values rendered as attributes
containerAware false boolean true/false Makes the component container aware. Appends modifiers --size--xs/sm/md/lg to the component.
Settings location: /mnt/persist/www/docroot_styleguide_v2/source/library/source/php/Component/Textarea/textarea.json